Reveal your Best-Selling Product as a Woodworker.


Whether you are a master woodworker, or a total beginner, Wood profits can help you. It is a guide that will teach you the ins and outs of starting and building a successful woodworking business, right from your own home.

It teaches you about everything you need to know about the business aspect, but if you are a beginner woodworker, it will teach you how to develop and hone your wood working skills so that you will be creating best selling projects in no time.

Get Money from your Woodworking job in your Garage

A common misconception when it comes to successful woodworking businesses is that they need to have a big, fancy, and expensive shop somewhere. This is not true. It is absolutely possible to run a profitable woodworking business from your very own garage or backyard. Wood profits shows you how to do it.

Wood profits will go through all the necessary tools you will need to purchase, and even tells you the best places to buy them.  For an investment of less than $1000, you can be creating beautiful woodworking projects in your own home. Wood profits will then explain how to price them appropriately, and get them out onto a market that will fall in love with your creations and constantly come back for more.


If you don’t know where to start or what to even make, Wood profits has you covered here too! The book will come with lists of the most popular projects. It will tell you which types of things sell the fastest, and which ones sell for the most money. The last thing you want to do is start making things that nobody wants to buy, and Wood profits will help you avoid that. It will make sure that you never run out of ideas, and they will always be ideas that sell.

Home Based Woodworking Business Ideas

With so many things being made from wood these days, it can be hard deciding where to begin. Here are some basic ideas for you to play around with.

wood-profits-iconBookshelves – Almost everyone has at least one bookshelf in their home, some even have multiple. They can also be used for decorative purposes. You can create a few standard sizes, and offer to create custom orders based on your customers needs for a slightly higher price.

wood-profits-iconCabinets –  Another thing every home needs is a set of good cabinets. These can be used for storing items like kitchen supplies or toys, and can also be used for decoration.

wood-profits-iconJewellery boxes – Many women, and even some men, own a lot of jewelry and they need a good, safe place to keep it. Well thought out and good quality jewellery boxes will sell easily.

wood-profits-iconPicture Frames – Everyone likes to frame their photographs, as well as other art, to hang up on their wall. Art and photos look best when they are framed, and wood is what most people like. You can make some basic templates, but also offer to do custom sized frames at a higher price.